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Dental Gradia Direct Syringe by GC

Dental Gradia Direct Syringe by GC

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Dental Gradia Direct Syringe by GC

Light-Cured Composite Restorative

With new GC Gradia Direct, you can handle all your in-surgery aesthetically demanding restorations, with just one easy-to-use restorative. Whether it's a singleshade or a multishade type of procedure, using GC Gradia Direct makes it easier and quicker to achieve a superb, natural looking and long-lasting restoration. Due to the remarkable shade's adaptation to the surrounding tooth structure, outstanding aesthetic restorations can easily be achieved with only one shade. The combination of different shades will offer unlimited aesthetic results, using a maximum of three shades for an anterior restoration and two shades for a posterior restoration.


  • Micro filled resin hybrid composite developed from the proven GC Gradia laboratory system
  • One restoration system for all your needs
  • System consists of Standard, Outside Special and Inside Special shades
         Unique concept for easier restorations

GC Gradia Direct anterior
  • Excellent aesthetics and surface smoothness
  • A perfect match and adaptation to natural tooth colour
  • Easy and quick to polish for a smooth, glossy surface

GC Gradia Direct posterior
  • Excellent mechanical properties and aesthetics
  • High fracture toughness to resist occlusal stress
  • High wear resistance, low wear on opposing dentition
  • Radiopacity to aid diagnosis

How to use
  • Standard Shades:
         Chameleon effect shades for anterior and posterior restorations.
  • Outside Special:
         Translucent shades for anterior and posterior restorations.
  • Inside Special:
         Opaque shades for anterior restorations only.