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DSI Clear Rigid Vacuum Forming Hard Plates

DSI Clear Rigid Vacuum Forming Hard Plates

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DSI Vacuum Plates are used to imprint opposing bite and fabricate other dental appliances like sports mouth guards, bleach trays and orthodontic appliances. DSI Vaccum Plates are made of high-quality material that withholds for a long period of time without deformation.

That retainer plastic form holds the teeth in position after surgery or any method of realigning teeth. Once a phase of orthodontic treatment has been completed to straighten teeth, there remains a lifelong risk of relapse (a tendency for teeth to return to their original position) due to a number of factors: recoil of periodontal fibres, pressure from surrounding soft tissues, the occlusion and patient’s continued growth and development. By using retainers to hold the teeth in their new position for a length of time, the surrounding periodontal fibres is allowed to adapt to changes in the bone which can help minimize any changes to the final tooth position after the completion of orthodontic treatment.

The material is ideal for retainers, splints, surgical trays, bite raisers, etc.
It has excellent forming qualities, acrylic will bond to it.

Clear material with a removable film
Stiff vacuum forming PVC material
Acrylic adheres to the material
Long lifespan without deformation